Graduate from teaching coding and STEM

Coding and STEM are big areas of teaching focus in schools around the world. But coding and STEM should not be the goal of our educational programs. Instead, we need to look at more valuable skills like computational thinking and problem solving that are supported by coding and STEM

One thought on “Graduate from teaching coding and STEM

  1. “Putting it into practice” This is the most important phrase in this presentation. What you are pointing out is, to a great extent, the difference between “STEM” as taught, and STEM as practiced. Or, to put it another way, we don’t teach STEM, so much as some facts about STEM. We need to include the things you mention, as they are an important part of the subject matter when put into practice. Exposing students as early as possible to the thought processes, especially around science, is incredibly important. This provides a motivation and framework for the rest of the learning.

    I would differ and say that we do need more scientists and engineers. However, as you mentioned, what we teach is simply scratches the surface and does not deliver a complete picture. Indeed, the picture is so incomplete that it generates misunderstandings of the scientific process, and in some cases a distaste for dry content.

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