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Educational Technology (EdTech) Consulting Services

Having worked in all aspects of Educational Technology in US and International schools for the past 15+ years, I have developed resources and expertise that can help schools build their EdTech program through my consulting services.

International EdTech - Educational Technology Services for International Schools

I run a EdTech consulting company called International EdTech. Click the icons below to jump to the consulting services I offer.

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Beyond these areas listed, I also maintain a strong global network of EdTech professionals, international school experts, and vendor contacts. Though I am available for onsite and remote consulting sessions, if I am not available I can help connect schools to other well qualified professionals

School Technology Analysis and PlanningSchool Technology Analysis and Planning

Drawing upon my work in technology in schools and Ministries of Education, I am available to conduct technology readiness analyses at a school, district, or ministerial level. These analyses cover both educational and information technology, data systems, pedagogy, curriculum, finance, and personnel. For these data, I can help the school conduct strategic planning session and author associated plans.

For international schools, I can help link planning to curricular needs (such IB or Cambridge) and accreditation standards (such as CIS, WASC, NEASC, or Middle States)

Educational Technology TrainingEducational Technology Training

As an educator and presenter, I have conducted Educational Technology (EdTech) professional development with a number of schools, districts, and Ministries of Education worldwide. I am an Apple Distinguished Educator, Microsoft Innovative Education Expert, Google Certified Educator, and Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Certified Educator. Further, I have developed an Educational Technology Leadership curriculum that covers the Six Tenets of Educational Technology Leadership. This program is ideal for existing, new, and emerging IT and EdTech leaders.

Data Systems DesignData Systems Design

I have worked with schools around the world in designing data systems to meet operational and educational needs. Starting with workflow analysis and existing data systems, my partners and I can design a combination of products to leverage the power of information, communication and data driven decision making. My team has experience designing these systems in schools around the world.

Digital Citizenship Consulting and PresentingDigital Citizenship Consulting and Presenting

Through my site based work in schools, I have developed a program that incorporates Digital Citizenship into all classes, grades, and subject areas from pre-school through high school graduation. I draw upon materials from Common Sense Media and Southwest Grid for Learning along with practical teaching experience to infuse safe, efficient, and effective technology usage into the entire school program without adding additional instructional time. Further, I have delivered Digital Citizenship and Digital Parenting workshops to over 3000 attendees in 5 different countries. Click here for a sample of my workshop presentations.

1:1 Student Laptop/Device Program Consulting1:1 Student Laptop/Device Program Consulting

Over the course of my career, I worked in one-to-one (1:1) student laptop schools in four different schools. He has designed the programs, administered them, written policies and presented on them, and worked as a teacher in 1:1 learning environments. I have worked in Apple programs, Windows programs, and BYOD (in a multilingual setting). As part of my doctoral work, I studied the student learning outcomes in 1:1 student laptop programs, specifically those with low socioeconomic populations.  Further, I have helped schools globally with all aspects of 1:1 Student Laptop Programs from design to administration to academics.

Click here to read my dissertation.

Policy and Document AuthoringPolicy and Document Authoring

In line with my EdTech administrative and 1:1 Student Laptop Program experience, I have written or co-authored a number of relevant policies and procedures for EdTech in international schools. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Educational Technology Strategic Plan
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Plan
  • Data Systems Design
  • Digital Communication Plan
  • 1:1 Student Laptop Program Design
  • Sustainable Funding Models for Information Technology and EdTech
  • Personnel Manuals and Job Descriptions
  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Social Media Policy
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Student Technology Skills Ladder
  • Teacher IT Skills Rubric and Training Plan
  • EdTech Evaluation System

EdTech RecruitmentEdTech Recruitment

Through my experiences as a Senior Leader in EdTech in international schools and my work with recruiting agencies and accreditation agencies, I have developed job descriptions and evaluation criteria for EdTech personnel. This includes IT management, IT staffing, EdTech leadership, Digital Literacy Coaches, and technology teachers. I have helped schools in authoring of job descriptions, the recruitment of candidates, and the interview and appointment of employees. Further, through my connections, I have helped schools connect with recruiting and head-hunting agencies to fill specific positions.

International Schools ConsultingInternational Schools Consulting

For the past several years, I have worked in international education at a regional and site based level. I have had the honor of working with international education organizations, Heads of School, recruiting agencies, and accrediting agencies on every continent through professional exchanges and program development. I have worked at international schools in Asia as a site based Senior Leader with involvement in all facets of the operations and academics of the schools in which I have worked. I have experience with American curriculum, all three programs of the International Baccalaureate (PYP, MYP, and DP), the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), iGCSE/GCSE, and German curriculum. I have helped schools and organizations through consultation of the organization and culture of international education, overviews of international schools, and connections through my professional network.

Contact for Further InformationContact for Further Information

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