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The EdTech Vlog with Matt Harris, Ed.D. Live Stream

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Technology and Support: Helping Our Teachers Through the Pandemic

At the time of this writing, we are still in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has struck every nation, every school, every teacher, every parent, and every student on Earth in some form or fashion. We went into lock down in March and April, some of us got back to school in June, […]

Put the Learning Before the Technology

“We’re getting tablets for the students!” Such a wonderful statement isn’t it? Think about the possibilities for the students. They’ll have access to personalized devices for use throughout the school day. Each device will be connected to the Internet which will provide access to a wealth of knowledge and information. And each device will be […]

Cybersecurity is Actually About People

We used to believe that schools were immune to the cyberattacks that plagued the rest of the world because our missions was honorable and our resources were seen as less valuable. I think we can all agree those days are behind us. Schools worldwide are equally as vulnerable to online attacks and being targeted just […]

Craig Kemp – Global Conversations – Building EdTech Capacity

In this episode of the Global Conversations series, we talk with Craig Kemp from Ignite EdTech. Craig is an international Related Posts:A Need for International EdTech Best…AboutFind Your Digital ChampionsMatt Harris: Introducing My ColumnDigital Citizenship Integration Across the Whole SchoolFor long term success, EdTech needs to be part of a school’s…Educational Technology Standards and FrameworksIncentivize […]

Technology is the Circulatory System of the School

People often ask Tech Directors, “What exactly do you do?” The answer is of course incredibly complex, but in essence they keep the blood flowing to all the parts of the school. Let’s think of a school as a living organism (which in many ways it is). This organism is a community of people working […]

Tara Linney – Global Conversations – Girls in Coding

In this episode of the Global Conversations series, we talk with Tara Linney about her book Code Equity: Keying Girls Related Posts:Matt Harris: Encourage Those in Your School to Share5 Key Elements of an EdTech Portfolio for EducatorsThe Three Key Elements of EdTech Success in International…Incentivize Collaboration to Improve Teacher PerformanceVocational Training in Coding and […]

YOLO – You’re Only in Lockdown Once, SO HAVE FUN!!!

During COVID19, most of the rules and social norms are out the window. So, now is a time to experiment, Related Posts:Cybersecurity is Actually About PeopleTechnology and Support: Helping Our Teachers Through the…Digital Citizenship Integration Across the Whole SchoolCoaches and Champions – The Essentials of Educational…Data in Schools: Approaches to Data System ArchitectureA Review of […]

Go for Creativity, Not Complexity

As teachers are thrust into using technology for learning, they tend to slip back into a common pitfall of more, Related Posts:Coaches and Champions – The Essentials of Educational…For long term success, EdTech needs to be part of a school’s…Incentivize Collaboration to Improve Teacher PerformanceThe Three Key Elements of EdTech Success in International…Use Technology to […]

Digital Hygiene during COVID19

Cyberattacks, data breaches, and privacy issues have been all over the news during our stint of force remote learning. In Related Posts:Becoming the Next ISTE Board ChairNot All Screen Time is Junk FoodCybersecurity and Data Privacy in Schools – EduTechAsia 2018How Do You Stay Connected With Your EdTech Community?Educators Should Build an EdTech PortfolioParenting in […]

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