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Tara Linney – Global Conversations – Girls in Coding

In this episode of the Global Conversations series, we talk with Tara Linney about her book Code Equity: Keying Girls Related Posts:Find Your Digital ChampionsDigital Branding is Key for Everyone in EducationA Review of #ISTE2015 from My Viewpoint as Chair-ElectUse Technology to Make Global Classroom ConnectionsCoaches and Champions – The Essentials of…Matt Harris: Encourage Those […]

YOLO – You’re Only in Lockdown Once, SO HAVE FUN!!!

During COVID19, most of the rules and social norms are out the window. So, now is a time to experiment, Related Posts:For long term success, EdTech needs to be part of a…A Review of #ISTE2015 from My Viewpoint as Chair-ElectCoaches and Champions – The Essentials of…Data in Schools: Approaches to Data System Architecture5 Tips for […]

Go for Creativity, Not Complexity

As teachers are thrust into using technology for learning, they tend to slip back into a common pitfall of more, Related Posts:The Three Key Elements of EdTech Success in…Teaching from the Back of the Room: How to Work in a…A Review of #ISTE2015 from My Viewpoint as Chair-ElectCelebrate FailingFind Your Digital ChampionsThe Touchpoints of Educational […]

Digital Hygiene during COVID19

Cyberattacks, data breaches, and privacy issues have been all over the news during our stint of force remote learning. In Related Posts:A Review of #ISTE2015 from My Viewpoint as Chair-ElectEdTech Success Grows From Purpose Not Need or WantDigital Citizenship Integration Across the Whole SchoolHow Do You Stay Connected With Your EdTech Community?Digital Citizenship is the […]

You Are Using Your School Website Wrong

A school website is the first port of entry for anyone looking to learn about a school. This includes existing community members (students, teachers, staff, leaders), potential community members (new students/parents, teachers apply for jobs, potential board members), and those looking for more information about the school (inspectors, donors, media, educational organizations). Schools that try […]

Try Something New If Not Now, When?

In these unique times, we have a huge opportunity to experiment and try things we have never done before. Whether Related Posts:Learning Organizations Must Operate Simultaneously…Celebrate FailingCoaches and Champions – The Essentials of…Find Your Digital ChampionsTechnology in Schools Offers Potential Not PromiseNot All Screen Time is Junk FoodYou Are Using Your School Website WrongDigital Branding […]

Teachers, Please Give Actionable Feedback

We are still in the middle of the COVID19 crisis, but home learning seems to be going well. Teachers are Related Posts:Becoming the Next ISTE Board ChairYou’re Doing Great – EdTech in the Time in COVID19How Do Leaders Support EdTech Initiatives?A Review of #ISTE2015 from My Viewpoint as Chair-ElectAm I a Tech-Savvy Teacher?Digital Parenting – […]

Sean Thompson – Global Conversation – Writing an EdTech Book

In this episode of the Global Conversations series, we talk with Sean Thompson about his new book, Creativity is Everything: Related Posts:Educational Technology Standards and FrameworksCoaches and Champions – The Essentials of…The Three Key Elements of EdTech Success in…David Lee – Design Thinking in the ClassroomGlobal Conversations – An IntroductionEp. 18: #Edtech Talk With ISTE […]

Parents, You Don’t Need To Be a Teacher At Home

A message for parents during #RemoteLearning: You Don’t Need To Be a Teacher at Home. Home learning is a tough Related Posts:Celebrate FailingDigital Parenting – NOW! JakartaFind Your Digital ChampionsYou Are Using Your School Website WrongThe Gap in Educational Technology LeadershipMatt Harris: Encourage Those in Your School to ShareThe Touchpoints of Educational Technology ExcellenceNot All […]

Flip Your Online Learning

During COVID19, we have lost the opportunity to engage in flipped learning because we aren’t meeting students face to face. Related Posts:(The beginning of) My Journey As Chair of the Board…How Do Leaders Support EdTech Initiatives?5 Key Elements of an EdTech Portfolio for EducatorsHow Do You Stay Connected With Your EdTech Community?Incentivize Collaboration to Improve […]

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