Unified Data Systems – Buy, Build, or Borrow

In this vlog post, I talk about the three approaches to creating unified data systems in schools: Buy, Build, or Borrow. Schools need ecosystems of data where the data moves seamlessly between each system and thereby each department. Schools can create this in one of three ways: Buy, Build, or Borrow. Buy a complete system, Build one from scratch, or Borrow several “best of breed” systems and put them together.

One thought on “Unified Data Systems – Buy, Build, or Borrow

  1. I have been enjoying your vlog for a couple of years now. I really respect your opinions and guidance. I am the owner of CPSI. We have the toolsets to build unified datasets for districts and states. It is difficult to get our view of how it works out due to the “big guys” like Ed-Fi. Is there any time that we could take an hour or two of your time to show you our system? I realize you probably won’t reference us, but we would like to show you an out-of-the-box approach to how a unified data system can be created that will expand and grow with the organization.

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