Include Measures of Innovation

In education, we assess what we value. Most school claim that innovation is of huge importance to them. However, few schools include measures of innovation when assessing learning, appraising teachers, or evaluating leaders.

2 thoughts on “Include Measures of Innovation

  1. Love this idea. Inspired by our time at BETT, I added innovation as a theme to the next round of peer mentoring at our elementary school in Taipei. Instead of observing each other doing a lesson of their choice, we’re asking them to take a risk and do something innovative and get feedback on that process from one of their peers. Then, we’ll utilize a flipped classroom model and have the teachers share an account of their innovative practice with the whole team before coming together to critique them as a group. It’s an exciting time to be a preparing our students for the future!

    1. Interesting stuff so I’m hoping to accomplish something more with the challenge set by Seth. Cheers and thanks for the continuing innovations. {^_^}

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