AnakAnakDigital (Kids and Technology) on MetroTV News Indonesia

AnakAnakDigital (Kids and Technology) on MetroTV News Indonesia

Anak Anak Digital (Kids and Technology) on MetroTV news IndonesiaAnak Anak Digital on MetroTV News Indonesia

MetroTV News in Indonesia (similar to CNN) has a weekly program call 360 (like 60 minutes) where they investigate various topics in Jakarta and around Indonesia. In this segment, they look at the use of technology by students for learning. They visited a local Indonesian school and my school, the British School of Jakarta. They used our school as an exemplar of how technology could be used to enhance teaching and learning. Most of the video is in Bahasa, but my parts and the interview with our parents is in English. Both are pretty interesting in context.

Take a look at my goofy smirk @ 12:15 into the video.

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