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#EdTechHello and thank you for visiting.

I decided to start this blog as a means for sharing my thoughts and experiences about educational technology from a practitioner prospective and from a leadership frame. Hopefully, the ideas I talk about are helpful to those in the field and will spark interesting conversations about using technology to enhance teaching and learning.

I suppose I could go into a description of my background and my current working conditions, but I don’t think that’s very interesting to read about. If you are interested, please take a look at my about page or my LinkedIn profile.

Instead, I thought I might talk about the opportunities I’ve had as some groundwork for what I hope to talk about. Through my work as an EdTech leader in international schools and my work with ISTE, I have had the chance to see site based and large scale Educational Technology leadership in action. Further, I’ve been fortunate to work with heavy hitters in our field who have helped me refine my theory and practice around instructional technology and educational technology.

EdTech Innovative EducationAs a result, I have a unique vantage point I would like to share with you. I hope to start conversations about what teachers are doing in classrooms, edtech leaders are doing in schools and at district or government offices, how we blend learning and operations, and the huge opportunities we have to grow as a supportive community.

There are giant holes to be filled in our field and hopefully this blog will help move things forward and encourage people to take on those challenges to make things better. Hopefully, we can talk about them from a leadership perspective, thereby talking about the resources, skills, and commitments we need to push the needle forward on contemporary teaching and learning.

I encourage people to comment on my posts, contact me directly, follow me on twitter and suggest topics to discuss or people to engage.


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  1. Hello Mr. Harris, I am currently the educational technology facilitator at the International School of Luxembourg. We are embarking on the writing of a new technology plan. Any helpful tips ?

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