The Tenets of Educational Technology Leadership: INTRODUCTION

The Tenets of Educational Technology Leadership:

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This introductory video is the first in a series of VLOG entries related to Educational Technology Leadership. The tenets of EdTech Leadership are Leadership, Management, Information Technology, Educational Technology, Systemic Thinking, and Professional Learner

Source: The EdTech Vlog by Matt Harris, Ed.D.

I work as an Educational Technology consultant at International EdTech committed to helping schools use technology successfully. I frequently present at conferences on Educational Leadership, Learning Technology, IT, and Data Systems. I am also a a published author focusing on Educational Technology, International Education, and Leadership.

One thought on “The Tenets of Educational Technology Leadership: INTRODUCTION

  1. Fantastic VLOG. I love your summation into the 6 tenets. I am starting my 29th year as an educational technology leader and have grown throwing all of them. My passion for technology in education, specifically in pedagogy and the impact it can have on student learning has kept me in the field as it has developed. I look forward to your series and will look for your blog. Good luck staying dry!

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